Wizz Media, part of the Pockos group formed in 1983, offers a new concept for retailers and distributors world wide in impulse purchase sales. Our range of children’s novelty toys includes our ever popular Magic Wigglee.  Since 2002 the Pockos group have expanded into the global market, including in the USA, Australia, Middle East and throughout Europe. Wizz Media serves customers outside of the UK and America who are serviced by Pockos.
We offer a fast selling range of novelty toys to distributors and retailers, which are brought to life through our in-store media stand concept, as part of the Pockos group, we are innovators - we work relentlessly and enthusiastically to bring new products to the market and offer you the latest technology for in store toy promotions.
Please browse our website where you will find details about our products, but not all our freshest ideas will be on here. As a distributor you will have access to all of the product range so feel free to contact us with any questions and to request details of the newest products in our range before they are advertised on the website!
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